A Glance In The Past and A Vision For The Future

Published by Ganit Charcha | Category - Math News | 2019-09-27 02:36:14

Ganit Charcha completes 5 years of teaching and inspiring with Mathematics

This year, the 29th of September will mark our 5th anniversary into this unique endeavour of ours, that is driven by making Mathematics a subject of intrigue and ideas for the young and curious minds. In all these years we have worked hard towards creating Mathematical minds over maths students. And this has only been possible by enabling these students to ask questions that ask for reasons and philosophy related to a theorem. We strongly believe that maths is about questioning first, about identifying problems and then it is about solving them. Only a student who is curious enough to question, can become efficient in solving a wide range of problems.

In our pursuit of making mathematics a loved subject amongst our students rather than just a set of theorems and postulates, we have made a healthy community. A community that is built around students, educators, researchers and other people who share a love and interest for mathematical concepts and techniques. To build this community, we have participated and organized various events and met some extremely wonderful and inspiring people.
One such event is the widely celebrated MathsJam. The event is held once a month and is based around the subject and its enthusiasts, which is organized worldwide in many different cities. We came up with the Kolkata edition of this mega event and have been successfully executing it https://www.mathsjam.com/cities/kolkata/. Another success for us has been the Carnival of Mathematics that we have organized for the last 4 consecutive years. Carnival Of Mathematics is a monthly blogging round up that is hosted by different blogs every month. We had already organized Carnival of Mathematics versions 129, 141, 153 and 165 so far. We will be hosting our fifth round up, the 177th version of Carnival of Mathematics in the coming year.
And when it comes to valuable blogging, our website has been ranked at number 105 out of top 100 mathematics blogs on the internet by feed spot https://blog.feedspot.com/math_blogs/. While we intend to go even higher on this list, being among the best brings a lot of joy to our community.
Apart from these International round ups, we also organize a unique event to represent our core ideas and belief. This event is hosted once every two years and is called At-Home Competition. This competition is focused on students of our country, from classes VI to IX. This meet up, enables them to think and ponder over the exploration and research that one can do in mathematics. This event also tends to be the celebration of National Mathematics Day of India as it starts on 22nd December, the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan.
As the month of September marks the completion of our wonderful five years of giving value, inspiration and knowledge, we are even more motivated, to grow and become better as a community. With this new year, we will also introduce a mathematics magazine {http://www.ganitcharcha.com/pages.php?name=magazine} around maths, its ideas, problems and philosophies around it. What will make this magazine stand out, is that even students can send submissions for review along with entries from teachers, researchers and higher education mathematicians. Even though the core of Ganit Charcha lies amongst young students from age 10 to 18, the magazine will prove beneficial and of value to even graduate level students. We plan to come up with our first ever magazine on January 2020.

We have recently launched a new service called 'Book A Class' where we are providing students between Class VI – Class X an unique opportunity to book a learning session with us on any topic of interest in Mathematics. The sessions are interactive and real and not virtual ones. With few more premium services and wider horizons, Ganit Charcha is delighted to celebrate this opportunity with its people and welcomes everybody into the world of Mathematics.

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