Carnival of Mathematics 201

Published by Ganit Charcha | Category - Math Articles | 2022-02-09 05:47:18

We are excited to host 201-st Carnival of Mathematics for January/February 2022. Carnival of Mathematics is a monthly blogging round up that is organised by The Aperiodical. This is the seventh year we are hosting this and the earlier versions that we had celebrated are 129th, 141th153rd165th,176th/177th, 189th .

We start by writing few line on the integer 201.

The prime factorization of 201 = 3 x 67 and hence it is a semi-prime. Both the prime factors 3 and 67 are congruent to 3 mod 4 and hence 201 is also a Blum Integer. Harshad number in a given base is an integer that is divisible by sum of its digits when written in that base. 201 is divisible by 3, hence it is also a Harshad number in base 10.
A number is called deficient number if sum of the proper divisors of the number is less than the number itself. The sum of the proper divisors of 201 are 1 + 3 + 67 = 71 (< 201), hence 201 is also a deficient number.

201-th version contains the following articles.
A mystical way to find the day of the week corresponding to any date in history has been described in the article titled Calendar Calculations with CardsThis is a very interesting and illuminating read and pure fun.

We have been provided with a nice article titled Essential Steps of Problem Solving in Mathematical Sciences which has nicely narrated the essential steps of problem solving in Mathematics. This article also lists a set of external links with career related advice which can help any Maths student at any point in time in their journey with Mathematics.

How one can win the Rock, Paper, Scissors game? How can we build Mathematics Strategies to win the game has ben explained in the video Mathematic Strategies That Will Help You Win At Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The article The Myth of 'I'm Bad at Math'  has done a good job in explaining that for high school maths in born talent is much less important compared to hard work and preparation. This is a must read article for all parents and mathematics educators and should effectively communicate to their wards or students that there is no short-cut to get success in Mathematics – what is predominantly important is personal perseverance and effort.

How Many Ways Are There to Make a Black Hole? is an illuminating article which shows how black hole entropy can be found out using partition numbers and in this context the work done by Hardy and Ramanujan on partition functions find its application.

The article The Five Big Contributions Ancient India Made to the World of Math  is a great narrative which every Indian should know and be proud of.

Mathematics Unites is the theme of the 2022 International Day of Mathematics. The monthly blogging round Carnival of Mathematics is also a way for all Math lovers and bloggers to get united once in every month through a blog post. So, how could we miss to talk about that. Let us all get involved to celebrate 2022 International Day of Mathematics next month withPhoto Challenge  which is already accepting submissions.

With this, we close this version of Carnival of Mathematics.

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