Review of Math for Programmers by Paul Orland

Published by Ganit Charcha | Category - Review | 2021-08-07 02:53:14

We have seen from our experiences that there is a disconnect between Mathematics and Programming. Very talented programmers even fail to appreciate the need of applying the right mathematical tool at the right place. On the other hand, general students or practitioners of Math often fail to translate their knowledge of Math into programming problems in right application areas.

We would say Math for Programmers by Paul Orland is an excellent attempt to bridge this disconnect. This is not a book to learn Maths – but surely a book to appreciate how simple math tools can be put in action through programming in real life applications. Math students knowledge of Programming and programmers knowledge of Math – both can be made complete in certain areas by assimilating this book. This is also a very useful book for Python Programming learners who will surely exhibit  sufficient interest in the areas of Graphics, Image Processing, Machine Learning after going through the book.

The book is organized into three parts. The first part has succinctly described and showed the applicability of different concepts of Liner Algebra in 2D and 3D graphics. We felt amazed and illuminated while going through application of matrix transformations in 3D animation. Part 2 of the book has been devoted in showing the use of Calculus in physical simulation processes and in optimization problems. Who would not  love to see the application of abstract concepts like derivative, integration with real life applications. Part 3 is a kind of ledger of different Machine Learning problems and has applied the lessons learnt on the first two parts to approach or solve them. The concepts of curve fitting, classification, logistics regression and even solving ML problems using Neural Networks are beautifully explained through lots of tried-and-tested python code snippets. The concepts in each chapter has been slowly built with lots of explanations and example python codes. Each chapter is followed by interesting programming exercises which can further motivate readers to solve them of their own.

“Never learnt Calculus or Liner Algebra with so much of practical applications and fun.” – this is our expression after going through the book and we strongly believe that many will also feel the same. We recommend this book to every Math Under-Graduate students who are learning Maths and Programming in parallel. This book is also a must have for all beginners of Python Programming. “What makes a great book”, if you are looking for an example, then this is certainly one.
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