Maths Art of Problem Solving Sessions

Published by Ganit Charcha

“It is better to solve one problem five different ways, than to solve five problems one way.” George Pólya.

Being able to solve a single problem in multiple ways require mastering the Art of Problem Solving. The best way to help students enjoy Mathematics is to allow them to engage with Mathematics through problem solving. Encourage them to make productive failures - that will enable in them a sense of accomplishments, thereby enhancing their confidence and love towards Mathematics. The Art of Problem solving (AOP) session exposes students to a variety of interesting problems and different tools and techniques to solve them. This sessions assumes a basic knowledge of Properties of Integers and Geometry.

In the session, we will aim to solve problems from different nationally and internationally acclaimed mathematics competitions and examinations such as MathCounts, RMO, IMO, ISI Entrance, CEMC, University of Waterloo, etc

Art of Problem Solving sessions will be conducted by an alumni of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata and IIT, Kharagpur.

We will be selecting 20-25 students between Class VI and Class VIII for the session. AOP sessions will cover topics from Algebra, Number Theory, Counting and Geometry. AOP sessions will be conducted mostly online. Sessions will initially continue for a period of 10 months.

Price - INR 1000 per month
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Last Date for Registration - 12/04/2024

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