Carnival of Mathematics 165

Published by Ganit Charcha | Category - Math Articles | 2019-01-10 02:15:05

We are glad to host the $165$-th Carnival of Mathematics in January $2019$ after last months Carnival of Mathematics 164 by Life Through a Mathematician's EyeCarnival of Mathematics is a monthly blogging round up that is organised by The Aperiodical. This months Carnival is comprised of the following posts.

Robin Whitty has submitted with us an article written by the famous mathematician Terence Tao on his blog about another famous Belgian mathematician Jean Bourgain who passed away on 22nd December, 2018. The title of the article is Jean Bourgain. Another article that Robin Whitty forwarded us is written by  Evelyn Lamb with title The Theorem that Inspired a Novel.

We have found a nice article on the Mathematics behind parkrun Bingo and its simply fascinating.

A nice article on How Google Maps Calculates The Shortest Route between two points have been shared to us by the author of the article Elias Wirth.

Lucy Rycroft-Smith has previliged us with an article written by him titled What’s the opposite of jelly?. In this wide-ranging and thought-provoking blog, we consider the universal idea of ‘opposite’ and how it might have mathematical and other meaning. Is it as simple a concept as we might think?
Lucy Rycroft-Smith has also shared with us a brilliant interview with the charismatic and entertaining mathemusician Ben Sparks which is titled Seven questions with Ben Sparks.

Cassandra Lee Yieng has shared with us his writing titled “Useless” Circle Properties: The Green Flash In Mathematics. It's a post on the elusive and less well known topic of circle properties, and to appreciate its usefulness students need to see this topic in action.
Frederick Koh has sent us an article authored by him where he aimed to review the year 2018 by penning down the major achievements in the School, Sceience and Education front. The title of his article is
A final look at 2018: School, Science and Education.

Peter Rowlett has shared with us two articles authored by him. The first one being Finding an equation that has the same solution when rotated and thats a pretty interesting algebraic problem.
The second article is titled Baking Babylonian cuneiform tablets in gingerbread. This is for the fourth time, GanitCharcha is hosting Carnival of Mathematics and its our honour to feature two posts from The Aperiodical.

Another brilliant article that we would like to have a mention here is from the Blog Cantor's Paradise with title The Nature of Infinity — and Beyond.

Ari Rubinsztejn has forwarded us a very interesting article with title An Introduction to Lagrange Points - the 3-Body Problem. This post goes over Lagrange points, which are equilibrium points in any 3-body system (Ex: Earth-Moon, Sun-Earth). They are an extremely interesting topic in the qualitative study of the 3-body problem.
We would end this version of Carnival of Mathematics by pointing to a YouTube Channel which we like. Here is the link

Next Carnival of Mathematics will be hosted by Ben at Math with Bad Drawings.

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